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    Unrecognised Data

    Matt Olsen

      Hi there,


      I'm using some data on resourcing contained in an Excel file, extracted from our company's ERP system (it comes in a fixed format and I want to avoid needing to post-process before loading into Tableau, ideally).


      There is a list of all of our projects down the left, and a list of all staff along the top. I'm trying to filter a sheet to only show data from the row 'Percentage Working Time':


      I can nearly get to where I want - I put the Dimension Measure Names (the Projects) in columns, and Measure Values (the time in Days associated with the Projects) in the Rows. I get a sum of each staff member's time against all of the projects:



      I can then filter the data out to show only time against particular projects (using the Project Number, the first column, as a filter - see '1018' on the right)



      Which is showing me the highlighted data below:



      When I instead try to filter out the data from the row I actually want - 'Percentage Working Time' - as shown in the first image, the sheet goes blank!



      I don't understand why this is any different in principle to filtering by one of the project numbers. Any ideas appreciated!

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          Stoyko Kostov

          Hi Matt - I think the issue is that when No. is "Percentage Working Time", Projects is null.


          Edit the filters (all of them to be safe) and check the "Include Null" box. I think by default it is unchecked.


          Let me know if this helps. If not, please provide screenshots, if you can't attach a packaged workbook.