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    How to use quick filter as a context filter in a sheet with a different data source

    Sunil Kachappilly



      I have a simple problem, that many people may already have encountered here.


      I have 2 source of data both having a 'Product type' field.

      All other fields in these data sources are completely different, i.e. 'blending' method is ruled out.


      I have a simple need for say a simple tabular worksheet (from the first data source) which has 'Product Type' as a field to act as a quick filter for the second worksheet that is using the second data source.

      The need though is to use it as a context filter, and not a regular filter (as many here know, there is a difference between a regular filter and a context filter).


      Lets say that the second worksheet is a pie chart that shows split-up of top 5 product sales for the Product Type selected in the first sheet.


      When I construct the dashboard, the quick filtering works fine going by the matching field name.

      But i constantly get the top 5 products at overall level with the values for the Product type clicked (in the first worksheet), than top 5 specific to the Product type clicked.


      If I can convince the second worksheet to apply the value as a context filter, then it would work as expected, showing top 5 products and their sales for the product type, instead of sales for overall top 5 products and values for every product type selected.


      How do I solve this?


      Update: Not sure if I have used the right term here. I am new to Tableau, so may have used the wrong term here. What I meant by quick filter is using first worksheet selection to filter the second sheet. i.e. When somebody clicks a row for a particular product type X, filter the second sheet for that product type. My apologies, if I have used the wrong name.

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          Sagar Agarwal

          Hi Sunil,


          You will have to use a Dashboard Action to achieve this. If i understand your requirement clearly, you have made 2 sheets - 1st is a list of Product Types and other is the sheet which renders a pie chart, and both are placed on a single Dashboard. You need the select the Product Types on the 1st sheet and the 2nd sheet will show relevant pie chart distributions accordingly.

          You can go to Dashboard-> Actions -> Add Filter Action

          Then under source, choose the 1st sheet; under target choose 2nd sheet. Make it to run on "Select" and Clearing the filter will "Show All Values"

          If the fields in both data sources have same names, you can choose "All fields" under the fields section. Else you can select the "Selected Fields" radio button and match up the common fields for filtering purposes.


          I hope this is clear; if not, request you to please post a sample data / workbook and I would be happy to help you. Thanks.