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    SortingYear Filter Issue

    joshi are

      hi Guru's,


      Iam New to Tableau.


      I created Calendar Year as Filter Object. But I I want to sort 2001,2002,2003-----2010.


      but its showing reverse


      please find the attached twb





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          Rajeev Pandey

          Hi Joshi,


          There is a general way to achieve this where you can change the default sorting properties by following the below approach.


          But as you are using the date Field so What I would suggest , just create a calculated Field by using the Datename function as demonstrated  below and then change the order as described above



          Define your order by using ascending/Descending or you can perform by using the manually as well.Hope this helps


          If its works ,I would request you mark the answer as correct so other should also get benefit from it.