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    Help with Max function for dates

    Doug Watt



      I have an issue (most likely a lack of knowledge!) that I'm hoping someone out there can help me with. 


      I have a time series data set that reports data in every hour.  I want to display the most recent data point (its a string). 


      Below are some screen shots of what I'm trying to do.


      Here is the “raw” data with no manipulation, and all looks good.

      What I need though is the top/first line for each location (highlighted in green).

      raw data.png


      When I use MAX on the reading time I get this.  This shows the last time each of different values was recorded, close but not quite.


      using max.png


      I've tried messing around with rank() and filter by top X but nothing seems to work.  At this point I just need a second (more experienced) set of eyes to look at this.


      Thanks in advance