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    Actions and Filters Reverting back after Hover on Dashboard

    Peter Seok

      Hi Everyone,


      I have some simple graphs and charts that I've thrown onto a dashboard, and there are certain criteria that I'm excluding on certain worksheets that go onto each dashboard.  I can get everything the way I want it, and when I start using the 'hover' action, it seems to work perfectly fine.


      Once I move my mouse off the graph and go do something else and come back to check the dashboard again, certain categories that I was previously filtering out, are back on my dashboard view (and the corresponding worksheets as well).  I've gone so far as to create separate data sources for each worksheet (just duplicating then renaming), but this doesn't seem to help.


      Is there a specific option or designation that I should be using?  Thanks in advance for your help!

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          Kathryn Bridges

          Hey Peter,


          One thing I've found is that if you're filtering values, and then tie them in an action, you often get those values back (a prime example is filtering out null values- I sometimes growl at my computer when they pop back up.


          The only real way to get around that is to create a "set" with the values you are looking for, filter where the values are "In" the set, and then the Action will only filter within that set, not the entire variables that you've already excluded things from.


          Hope this helps!