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    Filter conundrum. Need help

    Sunil Kachappilly



      This is one of my first few posts, being new to the community and Tableau itself.


      I have a simple dataset with 5 fields: Product Type, Product, Year and Sales, Profit

      I need a simple line graph showing %Profit (=sum(profit)/sum(sales) for each product) trend by year with products as color (legend).


      Need to show Product Type as single select filter (Filter options: Type1, Type2 or All).

      Also need to filter on a year range (simple slider filter i.e. Year From and To).

      Finally need a filter to show Top 5 products by %Profit (only need to filter data and not show filter).


      However, when I add this filter as follows, I only get 2 products when selecting Type1, 3 products when selecting Type2 and 5 when selecting All.

      1. Add filter on Product Type

      2. Create filter as Top 10

      3. Select filter option as 'By field'

      4. Filter configuration as Top 10 by %Profit (calculated field)  with aggregation type as Custom (only Custom option is available when selecting the calculated field)


      What I really need is to identify the top 10 products after the product type and year range filters are applied to the data and not vice versa.

      In effect, I will have to show the top 10 products by % profit for any combination of year and product type filters.


      How do I do this?


      PS: I am somewhat familiar with the level of detail calculation concept. But just can't figure out what to apply in this case.