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    formatting a field

    Austen Robinson

      In the attached workbook another kind soul from this board helped me with a problem that is now solved except for the formatting.  I was able to get the first sheet to format the calculation as a 0.001% instead of 0.001.  I cant figure out how I did it and I need the other two sheets to be formatted like the first one.  Can someone tell me how to do that?  Thanks

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          Stephen Rizzo

          That's because on your first page the calculation field was numeric, so you could right-click on the pill in the "Marks" card, select "Format...", then set the default "Numbers" format to "Percentage". You can repeat this process for the "Unit Churn by year" worksheet.


          The "Unit Churn by Date & LOB" worksheet converts your previous calculation to a string. If you want the percentage symbol there, you will need to concatenate the percentage symbol manually yourself in the formula.