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    Invalid cache data


      We are facing multiple issues on tableau production server while opening dashboards.


      • Unknown Server Error

      • Followed by partial load of data on few charts.

      • Sometimes it says sign in to tableau server after logged in.



      Data in cache is invalid for some reason,trying to figure out the cause for this behavior ,

      Adding :refresh parameter to the dashboard url didn't help.

      Appreciate any thoughts on this.

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          Nathan Panuco

          Hi Sobila!


          That error message doesn't contain a lot of info and could use further investigation. If you're "log savvy" you can take that Request ID (the string that starts with V9xWegr...) and search the HTTPd (or Access Log) to find the "bootstrap" loading the workbook. That same line should have a session ID (something like "/bootstrapSession/sessions/2D17EA....") - take that Session ID and search the (usually) VizQL logs to find out additional details about the error message. It may say something like a server was offline or that a user was missing or something else entirely. Logs are not really easy to read so it may be easier to open a case with Tableau Technical Support: http://www.tableau.com/support/request


          Hope this helps!

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