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    Additional applications needed?

    Nicole Mickelson

      Hi - After using Tableau Desktop for several months to create visualizations for my organization, we are interested in publishing some of these on a website. I've received conflicting information as to whether or not additional Tableau applications are required to do so. Are other applications (e.g., Server or Online) required to publish visualizations on a website?

      Thanks for your responses!

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          David Li

          Hi Nicole! You can publish directly from Tableau Desktop to Tableau Public without any additional services or features, but that would expose your views and data to the public.


          If you need private data, then you'll have to get a Tableau Server or Online (which is just the cloud/SaaS version of Tableau Server) to publish onto a website in interactive, full-featured form. Obviously, you can publish PDFs and images to a website without any additional features.


          But if anyone knows differently, please feel free to correct me!