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    how to create cascading drop-down list that interact with each other over multiple datasets?

    Shweta Doshi



      I have 3 drops downs:






      I have approx 11 datasets/data tables. Each of these tables have all 3 variables (school/college, department and major).

      I have created a workbook with dashboards for each of these datasets with the 3 drops down.


      My goal is to do the following:


      1. If a user selects school/college from dasboard 1, then all the dashboards i nthe workbook should display data for the selected school/college

      2. If a user selects a school/college from dashboard 1, then the department drop-down should show only those departments that belong to the select school/college


      I am able to accomplish #1 and #2 independent of each other

      #1 using paraments

      #2 using the relevant values


      But when I try to do both at the same time, it doesn't work as I don't get the relevant values option when working with parameters


      Has anybody run into this issue and successfully solved it?


      Thanks in advance!