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    export Tableau viz to powerpoint

    Austen Robinson

      Manager wants to create viz's in Tableau and then download to powerpoint.  I've read that there is no easy way to do it.  One solution is to either print as a PDF then open with Acrobat Professional and copy and past the images into PP.  is there another way or has anyone had success doing this in the past.  Yes, I know that Tableau was designed to present data to stakeholders but these guys want it in PP since none have Tableau. 

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          Rajeev Pandey

          Hi Austen.

          I think You already know the process which I mentioned below. I learned this from Joshua Sir.


          Convert Tableau to PowerPoint | VizPainter

          1. Open attached workbook “Fundamentals.twbx”.
          2. Select File > Print to PDF.
          3. Choose “Entire Worksheet” and set the orientation to “Landscape”
            Print to PDF
          4. Open the resulting PDF in Adobe Acrobat Pro.
          5. Within Adobe Acrobat Pro choose File > Save as Other > Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation.
            Note that this selection choice is not available in Adobe Acrobat Standard. Alternatively, you might experiment with other PDF software packages such as Nitro or Foxit.
          6. Presto!  You have a PowerPoint presentation!  However, we’re not done yet.
          7. Note in the attached pptx file that the first page is a mess.  There’s not a whole lot we can do to fix this.  The fastest choice is to just take a screenshot of the first dashboard in the twbx file.  The cleaner approach (which may be important if you plan to print the pptx file) is to recreate the page within PowerPoint.
          8. Notice that the pages have artifacts on them.  Fortunately, these artifacts are relatively easy to clean up.
          9. To clean up artifacts, within PowerPoint go to View > Slide Master.
          10. Within each Master Slide remove the offending artifacts.  (See below.)
          11. With just a little more cleanup work, you should be good to go!



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