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    [Ask] Significance Test

    Randy Adhitama Setiadi

      Hi All,


      I stuck to calculate significance test. Here's the example using Sample - Superstore datasource.

      Actually I need to calculate the signifiance test using mean score and Top 2 Box (in %), so I using superstore database as the example and treat those number as top 2 box (can we do that?)


      Result I think :

      So, I need to get the result of significance test for each variable. Let say we're on the Furniture category. I want to show the signifiance sign for each Bookcase, Chairs, Furnishings and Tables to Discount value.

      Let say Bookcase has + significance test to Chairs, neutral to Furnishings and - to Tables.

      I think to show the the result like these : 21% C+T- (21% is the Discount value of Bookcase, C+ is sign for + Chairs, T- is sign for - Tables, no need to significance comparation with Furnishings because it's neutral)


      Sorry for my poor Statistical terminology, I'm still learning on it. Hopefully this case it clear enough. Let me know if there's anything that's not clear from my question.


      Kindly help these case.