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    matching shape index with field values


      I am wondering if there is a way to match the shape index to my field values.


      For my case, I have created a series of arrow heads png rotated by different degrees, and naming each png with the degree angle.


      In the map display of Tableau, I have a series of points with a field stating their angles.


      Assigning the shape only matches the order of the field angle value with the order of the custom shape palette index. While the shape index is also arranged by the file name, the issue comes when I have an extra png that is not in the field value (e.g., I put in all possible directions that arrow heads can face, i.e. 360 pngs each facing one degree).


      Is there a more automated solution to this problem? Like directly matching the shape file names rather than index?



      This is what I get:


      But I need this:



      Attached png arrow head files and twbx sample file.