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    Parking Analysis Per Half-Hour

    Frank Jaworski



      I have data related to a limited number of parking spots available.  The goal is to analyze the impact of shifting more business on the already congested lot.


      I have an arrival time & a departure time.  I was confused as to the best method to visually convey the "used" number of spots.


      I've considered creating "Arrived" and "Departed" calculated fields based on the time and doing a difference between the running total of both to calculate "used".


      I am just seeking feedback.  I want to follow "best practices".  My inclination is to do this in SQL queries & /or Python but I'd like to maximize the usage of Tableau.


      Thank you.

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          Patrick Van Der Hyde



          Hello and welcome to the Tableau forums.  I apologize that no one has replied.  Typically a response is much faster if you bring a few pictures to show as an example of the work involved or better yet, a tableau .twbx workbook with data that can be shared publicly.  


          I had a few questions about the goals here.  Is the goal to show the percent of time a parking spot is in use,  on average?  by day of week?  by time of day?   


          What is the goal of the of the viewer of the viz...  what do they want to know in a glance?