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    Time Series on % Total Calculation with Filters

    Ryan Szymanski

      Are not going to torture myself any more.


      Just got some fantastic help solving a table calculation which finds the difference of a % total calculation on a filter using a LOD calculation.  See: % Total Calculation with Filters

      As the results for the 'Diff_%Total' to adjust according to the filters being applied, the results are perfectly captured for one day..... thx Benjamin.




      Being greedy are looking to take this solution forward, and hope to  graph a visual on a times series with the same results.

      Yet when when a  time series (multiple days) are introduced, it seems that my LOD Calc (Diff_%Total) won’t incorporate additional dates into my calculations.. 

      Have tried to edit the formula and adjust my LOD accordingly to incorporate Order Date, though are getting irregular results with every permutation attempted.


      Looking for advice, hope to be able to replicate the results found in the ‘GOOD = 1DAY” Dashboard, on a time series chart like found on th “HELP ??? MULT DATE GRAPH


      Thanks in advance, and hope to stick lucky twice in the same day.

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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello Ryan,


          I have updated the views a bit to try to help clarify the final objective. 


          It helps a lot (at least for me)  to break down these percent of total measures a bit more so we can see the values for the LOD calcs in each cell and even manually calculate the expected results of a few cells so that we can know the results are expected.  Please share the value expected in the final view for a a few cells and I think we can help you get the rest of the way there.


          Check out the updated multi-day tab and Sales details tabs.  Note I also work with just 3 days to make the view a bit easier to work. 


          Thank you