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    Creating Groups within a dimension

    Kathleen Steffen



      Here is my issue: I am working with data on where non-profits get funding sources and one of the dimensions is the "issue area" of the non-profit. Some non-profits work across several issues. For example, one non-profit may work in the Environment area while another works in Education and another works in Health. Some non-profits work in both the Environment and Education or Education and Health, etc.


      In my Tableau worksheet I have organized issue area by color. Education = red. Environment = green. Health = Blue.  However, if an organization works in both health and education their color would be unique, let's say orange.


      I want to have a searchable database where I can select Environment and every organization that works in that sector will show up, whether they work in solely the Environment or both the Environment and Health.


      I somewhat achieved this by creating a calculated field using this:


      IF [Grant Type]="Environment" then "Environment"

      ELSEIF [Grant Type]="Enviroment & Conservation" then "Environment"

      ELSEIF [Grant Type]="Environment & Conservation?" then "Environment"

      ELSEIF [Grant Type]="Environment & Indigenous Rights" then "Environment"

      ELSEIF [Grant Type]="Environment & Resource Rights" then "Environment"

      ELSEIF [Grant Type]="Environment/Green Tech" then "Environment"

      ELSEIF [Grant Type]="Indigenous Rights & Environment" then "Environment"



      This technically works, but it is very clunky and the function seems to change depending on what is toggled on and off under grant type.


      Any advice on how to clean this up? Thanks in advance