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    Densification by splitting values in time.


      Hello there. I have a set of purchase orders with a payment term. I have only one record for each PO in the database, with the date being the supposed billing date which is my starting date where i add days for the payment.


      What i'd like to accomplish in Tableu is to evenly split the amount of money to be paid in each period. But again, i have only one record with one date in the DB.


      I calculated the amount of each installment and though about creating calculated fields for each payment date but i'm having a hard time to put them in the correct period, because, as stated before, in the database I only have one record but need to display 2,3 or more records (depending on the qty of installments)


      This is what i'd like to accomplish:


      AMOUNT0 (current month)123456
      160/90 days1005050
      260/90/120 days300100100100


      The dataset is something like:

      160/90100SOME DATE
      260/90/120300SOME DATE


      I'm trying hard not to generate new records in the DB table.