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    Using workbook as a Template to generate snap shots and compare + custom color graidenting




      I am fairly new to Tableau and want to get some info before I get too far down the line. I was asked to create a monthly snapshot report to look at how different items are looked at. I created a report using and extract of an excel file showing the services provided with a simple yes no field. This is then use to create various charts, table calculations and graphs. I now need to expand this as it needs to be updated on a month by month bases as a snap shot and the obvious choice is to add a new data set in the workbook effectively using the existing workbook as a template


      The down side to this is I have now been asked if we can change the report so the data from last month can be compared against this month and over time be able to monitor trends. The obvious way is to add the new data onto the bottom of the excel file and use a date field so the table calculation can split the periods out. But I am sure there is a more sensible way to do this in Tableau. Could I get the data set and simply upload it to the workbook as a data source and it uses the template that is in place to get the new results. Could I then combine this with the previous months results in the same workbook to be able to compare against last months snap shot and monitor change over time? I have attached some sample data using the Sample - EU Superstore date that gives an example of the sort of view I would get in the template


      The second questions is around the color gradient. I can see that you can change the color and the number of steps but what I would like to be able to set the custom gradient step points?


      Any help on these would be appreciated.


      Many Thanks James