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    Need help with Parameter implementation

    Sriram Anantha Padmanaban

      Hi All:


      I just wonder whether any feature updates on Parameter is available in Tableau 10?


      What I am looking for our business problem?

      Currently we have bunch of reports being built using filters and parameters for various dashboards.

      we are a product company having multiple customers in the same DW with unique schema for each customer but the structure of the schema is the same.

      We would like to migrate the reports for each of the  customer pointing to their DW and Schema (Datasources) with out changing the reports we expect the report data is modified as per the underlying data. we have auto provisioning Jenkins job to create a new site, roles, groups etc and publish the datasource and reports automatically


      The issue is unable to change the parameter value automatically as per the corporation data while auto provisioned(Automation is kind of semi complete because of it)

      The key reason to have parameter is to avoid same filters across different datasources which is not filtering the complete dashboard and can't afford to have same filter values repeated few times(thrice) in the dashboard


      Now the filter issue is kind of fixed in the tableau 10 so similarly I want to learn whether Parameter is having any such features in Tab 10 where the data is dynamic.