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    Filters behaving strange in IPad

    lalitha p

      Hi Everyone,


        I have my Tableau dashboards running successfully. In my workbook i have 3 sources and dashboard 1, 2, 3 and 4 are developed from Source1 and dashboard 5  from source 2 and dashboard 6, 7 are developed from Source 3 and no where each source is related to one another (i,e No Blending at all) but all together in a single workbook.


        My Problem here is , Users are opening from reports from IPad and i have small problem here.


              I have many filters on the dashboards out of all , there are 2 filters Year and Month which are defaulted to Current year and current month. But in the dashboards 5, 6, 7 these filters are showing with ALL option instead of Current Year and Month. I have actually removed ALL option and defaulted to current while publishing. But it is not happening properly with these 3 dashboards where as the same 5, 6, 7 dashboards are showing properly if i open the report from Laptop. It is showing Current Month and Year only.


        Please help me here.