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    Google Spreadsheet and Analytics data sources: problem in published woorksheet

    Francesca Cristoforetti

      Hi all,

      I created a worksheet using 2 type of data source: one Google Spreadsheet Connection (new feature in Tableau 10) and one Google Analytics Connection. I created a relationship between the two data sources on a date field: MY(Date)=MY(Date)

      In Tableau Desktop everythigs works fine, but when I published the workbook on Tablau Online I saw different graphs. I published the woorkbook with both data sources embedded in woorkbook with embedded password.

      I'm attaching to this post the graphs I see on Tableau Desktop and on Tableau Online. As you can see in Tableau Online I see just one point per graph instead of a lines. On Tableau Online, the value of "measure from analytics" is the value of January 20016, but I can't understand what is the value of "measure from spreadsheet" showed on Tableau Online.


      Any idea or suggestion?