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    Connecting Same Report to Different DataSources Dynamically based on selection in front end code

    akshay kurapaty

      Hi All,


      I had a requirement where in I am supposed to create a tableau report , that connects to different databases , based on the selection in the front end code,


      I have achieved this functionality by following


      *) I have created a Stored Procedure which would take Database name as parameter

      *) In tableau Report I have created a parameter(DataBase_Name)

      *) I gave this Parameter as a parameter to the Stored Procedure(So that the data source is dynamic)

      *)From my front end code , I used to change the parameter value with the help of the tableau-js - api and the report used to get refreshed automatically


      This solved the purpose


      Now there is a complex requirement , where in I have to download the report , and the downloaded report should point to the database which is selected before downloading the report


      Can someone guide me with respect to this?