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    Google Analytics dynamic chart: is it possible to recreate it in Tableau 10.0?


      Hi everyone, I was wondering if it would be possible to recreate in Tableau a chart like the one from Google Analytcs that you can see below:


      Essentialy, this chart has the following features:


      - you can manually select any period you want (start and end date)

      - there's a quick menu with the most common used time intervals (last week, last 30 days, this year, etc.)

      - if you want, you can compare the current results with another period (tipically, with a previous date)

      - like before, you can manually select any date; besides, you can compare your selected period with the previous period or with previous year (same period)


      I'll try to explain better the last point, wich I think could be the most difficult to achieve. Let's say that I have selected the period from 2 september to 13 september.

      With the quick menu, I would be able to easily compare this period with the previous period (21 august - 1 september). Or, with another click, I could compare my selected period with previous year (2 september 2015 - 13 september 2015). I know that I could always manually select the start and end date for the comparison, but it's so much easier to just press a button and compare with the same period.


      In the end, is it possible to do something like that?