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    What would be the best approach?

    Irvin Palacios



      I want to be able visually see head-to-head records between these 6 people.

      I've been working on this for a couple of days. What would be the best approach to design the database/excel sheet in order to have Tableau spit out something like this:

      Screenshot (1).png


      I have tried to format the underlying data in the following format:

      Player Name:     Results:

      Mace                    Wins

      Hai                       Wins

      M4kos                  Wins





      But I can't figure out how to have multiple names.


      Just a sample data would be awesome.


      Thanks in advance. 

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          Kathryn Bridges

          Hi Irvin,


          The way I would think about this is that you want your data at a player record game level.


          So, for example, if Mace plays Hai for one game, I would structure it as:


          Player 1:      Versus:          Win:          Loss:

          Mace             Hai              1                   0

          Hai                 Mace          0                   1


          So,  in short, you'd have two records for each game (one for each player).


          This way, you can put Player 1 and Sum(Win) and Sum(Loss) as your Columns, and n Columns Versus in Rows.


          Hope this helps!