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    Parameter based on a calculated field

    Shikha Handoo



      I am having a requirement where I need to create a parameter that can alter the value of a calculated field. However, the values that the parameter can take is also dependent on another calculated field. Here is the scenario that I am trying to achieve.


      Calculated field A is derived by an expression involving many calculated fields. For example: A= ((B+ C)/D) * E


      Also, Calculated field B is itself dependent on some fields. For example B = Sales*Discount. Let us assume some of resulting values of this calculated field are 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000


      Now I need to create a parameter that allows me to alter the value of Calculated field A based on x% of the values obtained in Calculated field B.


      I created two parameters - one that is pulling values form the calculated field B and one that is altering the percentage. Multiplying these two should give the desired results but i will have to show both the parameters to users to adjust. Can this be achieved by using just one parameter?


      Any urgent help would be greatly appreciated.


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          Kathryn Bridges

          Hi Shikha,


          I'm a little unclear on why you are using a parameter to pull values from the calculated field B. Parameters are not dynamic, so even if the values from B change when filtered, the parameter won't reflect that change. 


          I'm not completely clear on your data, but it sounds like you can just make an equation for A for those values from B

          (i.e. if B>=10 then "Outcome1"

          elseif B>30 then "Outcome2"

          else C end")


          And then only have one parameter changing that percentage.


          Otherwise, posting a workbook for us to see what you are talking about specifically would be really helpful.