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    Can I animate this map?

    Austin Hardesty

      Hello, I would like to automate the sliding parameter of this map if possible. I would like for it to slide at something like 10 per second, eventually filling up the map with the city data points. I know this can be done with the pages tab, but I believe that way it can only be automated within Tableau and Tableau Reader. I would love for this to work on it's own (possibly with a "play" button). There is not much out there on animating Visualizations with Tableau but I've seen it done well in 2 places (listed below) but cannot get it to work for mine just yet.


      1. Creating animated Tableau dashboards | Pluralsight - YouTube

      For some reason I cannot get the embedded "&:embed=yes&:toolbar=no&:format=png&:size=800,300" to work. It does not make the map into images.  Tableau Public

      2. Tableau Renders — Animated Charts (with Tableau)


      Any help/advice is greatly appreciated!