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    Tabjolt test failure on InteractViz

    Semanti Mandal


      I got started with Tabjolt in the last couple of weeks and I am doing some simple tests. I performed the 3 out-of-box tests.


      I am getting an error on the InteractVizLoadtest and ViewInteractVizLoadTest for a particular workbook. But the  ViewViz test run is successful for that same workbook. The error I am getting is


      Failed to finish View Viz Test. Site: SalesMarketing; Workbook: TerritorySales; View: TotalProfits; IsPublic: false;  Exception: java.lang.Exception: Invalid VQL response from server after performing SelectInteraction interaction. Response: LogicException: Internal Error - An unexpected error occurred and the operation could not be completed.


      The test cases I am using are   -



      go--t=testplans\ViewInteractVizLoadTest.jmx--d=600--c=1  with the following configurations. I have set #thinkTimeBetweenTest : 2000 and # thinkTimeBeforeInteraction :1000


      Do I need to increase the run duration for InteractViz LoadTest?


      I have read all the posts on Tabjolt test failures but couldn't figure out why this is happening. An clues would really help.


      Thanks !