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    Using Tableau to visualize Net Promoter Scores

    Amber Smart

      Hello Fellow Leaders!


      Here is a project that I presented to a client that asks 'How likely are our current customers going to recommend our services to their coworkers, friends, or relatives?'


      To collect the data, we asked these 5 data points from our customers:

      1. Zip Code

      2. How long have you been shopping at {Company Name}?

      3. Age

      4. Gender

      5. How likely are you to recommend {Company Name} to your coworkers, friends, or relatives? (1 Not Likely to 10 Very Likely)


      Here is an online resource that explains what kinds of insights a NPS can provide your company: The Net Promoter Score


      I've attached the visuals that I delivered that show how the company's customer journey is changing with time.


      If you have any questions on how I built any of the visuals, please ask!  (Due to the confidential underlining data, I am unable to attach the actual workbook.)


      I hope this project inspires you to try something similar! It has been a very powerful tool for us.




      Amber Smart