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    How dashboards should be fine from Laptop, Desktop and IPAD with Tableau 9.3

    lalitha p

      Hi Team,


         I have developed dashboards with Tableau 9.3 by setting dashboard size : 1080*800(Exactly) . My project almost going to end up now successfully. Yesterday one of my clients open the dashboards in an IPAD and he found some disturbance with the reports it seems. while developing the dashboards i have used some containers in floating mode and fixed those in the dashboard for filters and some static text especially.


        Can i have some size which it should be fine with the Laptop and IPAD and even at the desktop level also. Because i have some of my clients access their reports from Laptop and some from desktop and some from IPAD.


        In Tableau 10 there is new feature dashboard sizing helps me alot i guess but how can i fix this issue in Tableau 9.3.