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    stacked bar chart with line combination or side by side bar with line

    Nagaraju ponugoti

      Hello Experts,

      Greetings of the day,

      any body please give me response on this


      I am strucked with one problem how can i get the side by side bar or Stacked bar chart with two categories and line as a grandtotal on top of stacked bar chart


      here i am attaching the sample data could you please help me on this issue tomorrow is the deliverday any one please cpme forward and give a solution Quickly

      i will be great full to you


      Here i am attaching Sample Excel file please refer it


      1) Number is the Common column between all the 3 tables in provided excel sheet

      2) In KN_PHYSICAL_ST table NUMBER =Smodel+Chno this would be the Common column among all the 3 tables



      1. 1. DOM/EXP

      When DOM/EXP = ‘4’ then it is N-DWhen DOM/EXP = ‘1’ then it is N-E

      When DOM/EXP = ‘3’ then it is R-EWhen DOM/EXP = ‘2’ then it is R-D

      in KN_PHYSICAL_ST table   NUMBER =Smodel+Chno

      Join KN_Credit_Status table with KN_Physical_State table with NUMBER and get DOM/EXP details of a particular NUMBER in KN_Credit_Status table from KN_Physical_state table. Then count the number of Products in R and N in KN_Credit_State table.

      Date is Credit check date in KN credit  status table1) Requirement

      image 1.png

      the count may vary no issues but i need to get exact image in tableau ,if it is not possible with stack bar along with line also no problem

      But line graph is Grand total of both

      please any one quickly help me i think  it would be easier to experts