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    Tableau Online Speed improvement

    Aden ZHAO

      I am managing a Tableau online website for my company, There are about 2 million rows of data in the database uploaded online and workbooks are connected to the database.


      One of the workbooks is for sales people to see their customers. There is a filter on the dashboard to select one salesman. The filter has been set up as "context", however, the reaction speed is not that fast.


      Is there away to improve the speed? (maybe access right set up?) Thank you!

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          Matthias Goossens

          Hey Aden,


          This is a quite extensive question!

          There a numerous options:


          - Are you using extracts or live connections?

          - Are you sure a context filter is the right move here? It can also slow down your performance, so watch out!

          - Does a Sales Person need to select his own name in the dashboard? If that's the case, why don't you work with User Filters?

          - Is your Tableau Server hardware strong enough?


          You can always start by looking at the following article:


          Optimizing Tableau Server Performance | Tableau Softwar




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            Aden ZHAO

            Hi Matthias


            Thank you for your comment!


            - the dashboard has been uploaded on Tableau online. The speed I mean is Tableau online interactive speed.

            - salesman use context filter to select their name. Then all their actions are under his name filter.

            - Will user filter improve the speed? It seems just a context filter

            - We use Tableau online provided by Tableau. We don't have our own server.


            I wish there is such a technology in Tableau online that, when a context filter applies, the database is shrunk to the content of that context filter. This will make the interactive speed much faster. But it seems not the case.


            Let me try to understand the article. It is a bit difficult to me as I am not from IT....





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              Russell Christopher

              In the past, a context filter generally created a temp table in the associated database and INSERTed appropriate rows into the temp table. At that point, Tableau used the temp table for reporting purposes (or until the temp table was destroyed/recreated when the user picked a different value in the context filter).


              As a result, response time was often faster...and people began to see context filters as a mechanism to increase performance, vs. what it was actually meant to do (pre-filter a resultset, and then apply questions against the filtered data).


              Today, this stuff is done with a sub-select - essentially a query within a query.


              • Please define what is "fast" and "slow". For a busy salesman, anything less than "instantaneous" is often considered slow. You may simply be dealing with a problem of expectations vs. reality
              • Do you know why the context filter is being used in the first place? Is it used to ensure calculations in the viz are correct, or was it implemented in an attempt to make the viz faster? The latter doesn't really apply anymore.
              • Have you tried removing the Salesperson filter from context and do you see an increase in speed?
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                Aden ZHAO

                Thank you! Now I got how context filter works now. I like the past way, but it is pitty it's gone now.


                There was a LOD calculation field and I found it slowed down the speed. So I've created that field in the original database and it is much faster now.