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    How to sort bar chart with measure values having measures

    Anu Rekha

      Hello All




      Could you please let me know if we can get the sort pill on a barchart, where bar consists of multiple measures


      In the link below, I can sort using the second bar i.e quantity,

      Tableau Public


      but for the first one(Measure Value)) I am not getting sort pill , would be really good if I can sort by the total value(,i.e the full bar measure value).


      Thanks Anu

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          Kathryn Bridges

          Hi Anu,


          The issue with sorting "Measure Values" in a combined chart is that it's not clear what variable it would actually sort by if you had the option. Since you can choose up to 6 variables, Tableau doesn't know which one you actually want to sort by.


          One way to get around this is to create a parameter with all of your Measure Values. Then, create a Calculation with that Parameter something like

          "if [Sort By:]="Avg. Discount"

          then avg([Discount])

          elseif [Sort By:]="Avg. Sales"

          then avg([Sales])

          elseif [Sort By:]="Discount" then


          ELSEIF [Sort By:]="Number of Records"

          then sum([Number of Records])

          ELSEIF [Sort By:]="Profit"

          then sum([Profit])

          ELSEIF [Sort By:]="Quantity"

          then sum([Quantity])

          ELSEIF [Sort By:]="Sales"

          then sum([Sales])



          Now, if you drag this next to Sub-Category and hide the label, you can allow the user to select what Measure they want to filter by with a parameter.



          Workbook is attached as well. Hope this helps!