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    How to only show grand total of average by day?


      I have a chart of daily number of users for my app. I dont want to show the daily data, i just want to keep the totals (which is calculated by averaging). However if i remove the Day pill from the row column, the average will not be calculated by day. How do i keep the calculation to be averaged daily while not keeping day in the pill?

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          Andrew Watson

          A FIXED calculated field might do this for you. Try something like:


          {FIXED DAY([Date]),[Type]:COUNTD([Person.ID])}


          This might not be appropriate, depends what you want to do with it exactly.


          Another formula that might do it is:


          {INCLUDE DAY([Date]):COUNTD([Person.ID])}


          Note these should work in Tableau 10, if using Tableau 9 you would need to create DAY([Date]) as a separate calculated field to reference.