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    So slow to load the login page in Tableau Server

    Jimmy Yeung

      Hi all,


      I found that it is so slow to load the login page of my tableau server (from reaching the site with a blank page to showing the username and password fields in the web browser),

      it's over 5 mins for it to do so.


      The detail is as below:


      I am going to migrate the Tableau Server from an old hardware to a new one,

      so I installed the tableau server in the new hardware and use the 14 days trial to do the testing.


      After the testing was completed, everything was ok. I left the hardware behind.

      After a while, already passed the 14 days trial, I would like to pick up the migration process again.

      And I found that it is so slow to load the login page even I reboot the app or the hardware server.

      It didn't happen when I was testing it.


      So i am wondering whether it is a normal performance as it already passed the trial, or it is abnormal case?

      As the Server license can only be activated 3 times, so i need to make a decision to activate it in that new hardware or I should rebuild the environment.


      Please advise! Thanks!