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    Need help with creating dynamic Sum-If (Sum-if to change when un-checking filter).

    Akash Deep Choudhury

      Hi All,

      I am trying to calculate brand-wise scores. Please refer attached excel file -

      > The blue fields show data that I have. The orange ones are the ones I need to replicate in Tableau.

      > Objective: To find the sum if it belongs to the brand in the mentioned row (sum-if). The sum-if for a brand should should change if I un-check a category filter.  (**I will then normalize this score and average it with previous score to get future score.)

      > What I could do till now: Ref. attached Tableau file - I created a 'sumif_brandwise_calc field' calculated field  using  {Fixed Brand: Sum(score) } . This gives me the sum-if results. The problem is - when I un-check a category , the Sum-if value remains same. For eg. Ideally I want the sum-if for brand 'A' to change from 94 to 62 if I uncheck detergent. But that is not happening. Please help with alternate solutions.