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    Making use of Filter/Paramater to Create Custom Group or Set

    Robert Mc Alpine

      Hi Guys,


      We are comparing Tableau to SSRS and Qlikview and I have been tasked to replicate an SSRS Solution in Tableau.




      We need to roll out a set of PDF driven dashboards by making use of Tabcmd to all of our doctors in our hospital group.


      80% of the Dashboard will make use of Doctor vs Peer Comparison  Sheets.


      I have been playing around with a lot of ideas and ways to do things , but I keep on running into dead ends.


      What I was planning on doing was to make use of Filter sets or Parameters to identify a specific doctor and then to make use of LOD calculations to calculate various sums for his/her peer group


      What would the best way be to create a set or group based on a filter or paramater that i want to use as control.


      Problem 1 - When using Filters


      When I use a filter the filter is applied to the entire sheet, and i need to show the values for both the doctor and the peer group side by side


      Problem 2 - I am new to Tableau and I don't know how to use paramaters really well?


      I am sure there is a glaringly obvious solution to all of this, I am just not sure how to get to that answer.


      Is there anything i could attach such as a packaged workbook with a few values in it etc?


      See Example of what I want to achieve below:

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          Simon Runc

          hi Robert,


          So the best solution to this will depend on the exact use, datasource (live or TDE)...etc.


          So yes filters do (as you'd expect) filter the data! The 2 ways round this are (in not particular order);

          1. Replicate the data-source and use a blend (that way you can filter one, but not the other and blend in the 'Peer Averages'

          2. Use a parameter to select Doctor (this way the data won't get filtered). The disadvantages are that a parameter can only be a single select (so couldn't select 2 doctors vs their peers), and although we can populate a parameter from a field (i.e. List of doctors) it doesn't get dynamically updated if new doctors come into the data on a refresh (so needs a bit of manual maintenance...there are, theoretical, ways round this using things like JavaScript API...but this is not 'Out the box')

          3. Use FIXED LoD calculations. Due to Tableau's order of operations, these are calculated before the filter is applied, so can show the filtered value and 'peer averages'. The dis-advantage of this is that for large data-sets they can be a little slow (by Slow I'm talking relative to the usual instant-ness, so like 3 seconds rather than 1), and are not supported on some DBs, if you are connecting Live


          For completeness there is a 4th of using Table Calc filters, but I don't think this will work here as they can't be applied across multiple sheets off a single drop-down (again due to the order of operations, these are calculated later in the pipe so can filter the view without filtering the underlying data.


          Let me know which one sounds best candidate and I can show you how.


          Yes a packaged workbook would help. So just need a few rows of data (maybe 100 or so) with doctors (anonymize the names), patients (again anonymize the names), and some other metric (say patient age group/***).