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    How to define Reporting Period Range

    Sambit Kumar Mishra

      Hi Team,


      I have a requirement where I have to report the sales based on the selection of "Reporting Period". Please refer to the sample below :




      However, I am not getting the Reporting Period as a Data base column from the underlying source system. Therefore, I need to create a parameter (May be) and derive calculated field so that based on each reporting period selection, Sales measure will shown in the report.


      I have created a Start Date and End Date parameter and currently created a calculated field for Sales Measure and based on the start and end date range selection, My Sales is aggregated and show in the report. Below is the sample :


      But in the above approach, I am only able to see sales as a Sum of Sales between <Start Date> and <End Date>.


      Question :

      >> How to create a parameter similar to "Reporting Period" and how to use it inside the calculation. (Let's Say - Sales Date between <<Begin Date of Reporting Period>> and <<End Date of Reporting Period.


      Thanks for your help!