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    What does each row of sample superstore  signifies ?

    Pawan Kumar

      We have all been using Sample Super store for our analysis that comes as default Data source with Tableau installation. Can anyone precisely define what does each row of Sample Super Store signifies?

      To elaborate on the Question , we have a total of 9994 rows , does that mean we have 9994 customer ? That is not correct because we have multiple orders from different Customer.

      Does it mean we have 9994 Orders ? Again that is not correct because we have multiple cases where in we have  Same Order Id with Different Product . Then i came to the conclusion that Order Id + Product Id should be Unique , but again there are some cases where we have same Order Id and Product Id with different Quantities ordered. As i understood ,this would mean that the customer in the same Order First ordered for a particular quantity of a particular Product and then later asked to add few more of the same product.

      Am i correct or if you have a better way to define each row of Sample Super Store and what it signifies that would be really great .


      Thanks And Regards