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    How to share "DB connections" across multiple data sources?


      If you have used legacy BI tools such as Business Objects, there is a concept of "connection" which is defined in the semantic layer. One of the problems we are seeing as the number of data sources  on the server increase is the lack of quickly pointing multiple data sources to PROD or Dev instance of database.

      However, data source cannot share DB connection. Is that correct?

      For example, it will be nice to define a connection such as "Production" or "QAT" or "Development". Now as you create different data source, you could just point to use this pre-defined connection. Is this that is possible with Tableau Server ( any version)?


      I know one potential solution to this is to use ODBC connection. However, you lose at least some of the supported functions when using ODBC vs. Native DB connections.

      How do you manage your connection pointing if you have tens of data sources on the server?