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    Applying a filter across related data sources

    Eric Ahearn

      I am attempting to do some filtering across multiple data sources but I am unable to select "All using related data sources" as many of the previous community posts describe.  It is not showing up as an option in the "Apply to Worksheets" sub menu.


      Does anyone know why this might be?


      The field that I am trying to filter on is a grouping that I made for two of the data sources (Salesforce extracts) and then just a column in an Excel file for the third.  I believe that I have made the custom relationships between all of them (do I need to do that each view? I am trying to display a process progression in 4 separate dashboards and the data sources also evolve/transition as we move along).  But also the field name is in grey, not black, text in the Dimensions list if this might be having some effect.


      I have also tried to do this using a few other field and still cannot get that option to show up.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.