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    Tableau 9 Benchmark with measures via Data Blend

    Ray Rashid

      Hey Guys,


         Hope I can get some help here. My issue is, I need to benchmark a campaign against the aggregate of all other campaigns. The issue is, some of the measures I need are from a secondary data source, and as you know in Tableau 9, that can only occur through a data    blend.


          The first issue is that I cannot add dimension filters from a secondary data source as context filters. Secondly, I cannot use an LOD expression for measures from a secondary data source, as all fields must come from one data source.


        Has anyone encountered such an issue, and if so what was your solution or workaround.


         Workbook with similar functionality has been included.


        Thanks for all your help

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          Yuriy Fal

          Hi Ray,


          As for your first issue, you're right, there's no option

          for a filter from Secondary to be set as a Context one.


          If one absolutely needs to filter on a dimension from Secondary,

          than swapping Primary-Secondary datasources for a view could help

          (except when it's not :-).


          As for your second issue, some LOD calculations based on Secondary

          could be implemented as Table Calculations -- if Primary is of a granularity

          sufficient to build a view. Please find the attached as an example.


          To mimic {FIXED [Date] : AVG([Sales])} LOD calc from Secondary,

          I've built a pane on a view with Exact [Date] on Details and Blend on [Date].

          With that in place, the AVG([Sales]) from Secondary aggregates as required.


          All other pills arrangement on a view is because of properly connecting dots on a Line chart :-)


          Hope this could help a bit.