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    Line to connect points in a series with missing data?

    Nathan Brown

      I have a multiple year dataset for schools in which there is missing data for one year in two of the series. I understand the best practice Tableau has adopted in not inserting a line to connect the actual data points, but the user wants a line anyway. Specifically, in the attached packaged workbook, I'm referring to the 12th grade data contained in two worksheets: "Trends in Alcohol Outcomes" and "Trends in Marijuana Outcomes."


      Thanks in advance for any help/suggestions!

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          Mahfooj Khan


          Option 1

          You can use ZN() in the your agg measure. Just edit the shelf and include ZN() for each and every measures. See the screen shot.

          Repeat the same in your other sheet's measures.


          Option2. This is only for visualisation in different way. Approach is same using ZN() to connect the dots.

          In a single place you can show all the measures and you can compare. You can edit the alias of the legends just right click and change the name to be displayed.

          Hope this help.