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    Scatter Plot Chart - Help

    David Southgate

      I am trying to establish whether there is any correlation in time or day an incident ticket is raised over a couple of years worth of incident management data. I have got so far in showing tickets raised throughout the day for each weekday:


      How do I improve this chart so that is displays circles in ratio of how many incidents raised that hour so that I get something like this:




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          Andrew Watson

          It's questionable whether a scatter is the correct chart type - a scatter is comparing 2 different measures, where you only have 1 measure on your chart and that's just a record count. It could be a simple line chart with day/time on the X axis might suffice.

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            Carl Slifer

            Hi David,


            As Andrew suggested a scatter plot is specifically designed to show the relationship between two different measures. I'd recommend that you make a highlight table.


            1) Convert both your hour and your weekday fields to discrete. Simply right click and drop down and go discrete.

            2) Change your marks type to 'square'

            3) Drag the number of records to colour


            This is probably the closest thing with discrete items to making a scatter type plot that I'm aware of. What it will allow you to do is see areas of density and notice patterns.


            Best Regards,

            Carl Slifer


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