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    Grand Total Getting Changed.c

    Alex Carragher

      hello guys i am facing a small problem with my total sum. i have joined the tow tables on accountid. now the problem is few accountids are having more then one initials because of that my total sum is gettin

      multiplied and giving wrong values..please check the packaged workbook for more information...


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          Hello Alex,


          First, I'd like to point out that, what you used in the workbook for the two data sources is not join, but data blending.

          Reference: Blend Your Data


          The result looks correct under the use of data blending.

          Take "Account ID" 1 for example,

          In data source "Initial", there are three initials for it, c,a b;

          In data source "Main", there four rows for it, the sum of which is 5,770,900.


          So could you specify what is your expected result?