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    Can Tableau be used to create this complex Text Table?

    Darryl Robinson

      I'm trying to recreate the Excel table depicted below in Tableau Desktop 9.3.3, and I can't figure out how to accomplish it.


      The table actually communicates information about 4 measures, Popsicle Sales, Anticipated Popsicle Sales (Budget), Soda Sales, and Anticipated Soda Sales (Budget). It looks back at the values of Popsicle Sales and Soda Sales in the year ago period, and it compares the current values of Popsicle Sales and Soda Sales to budgeted and prior year values.


      In Tableau, I have used calculated fields to implement the Prior Year, over/under Budget, and % over/under Prior Year measures. The problem is that I don't know how to get the measures and calculated fields into a Text Table that looks like the one above. I have attached a packaged workbook that demonstrates the challenge, and would appreciate any advice.