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    Annotation box with colored shapes

    George Lapinlampi

      Hello community,


      I'd like to create an annotation box in the chart area (up left corner) as follows (images have been produced in SAS):



      right now I'm able to create annotation boxes including only colors or shapes:




      but is there a way to change the color of the shapes according to the variable so that plus and cross would be red and blue accordingly?

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          Tom W

          What your after is a 'legend'. Unfortunately the default legend in Tableau doesn't combine the colors and shapes. People have suggested this as a feature before, I'd suggest you also vote for it here - https://community.tableau.com/ideas/3229


          There are a few workarounds;

          > You could create some fake data, connect to it in Tableau and setup a sheet which uses shapes then add that to a dashboard

          > The easiest approach is to create a dashboard, add your sheet and then add a textbox. In the textbox, copy shapes from the character map tool in windows or use standard symbols from the keyboard. It's a bit of an amateurish approach, but I find it works well on shapes, circles and lines;