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    Calculated date filter

    Guilherme Marson


      I created a production amount bar graph, that shows all the months of the current year plus December from the previous year and the current month from the last year. For example if I create the graph today, it will show me all months from 2016, Dec 2015 and Aug 2015.

      To create this, I created a calculated date field that filters the months above, based on Today’s date.

      Now my cliente wants to have the ability to have a filter to select both year and month. With the filter he wants to be able to Select for instance 2013 and March and the graph should show all months from 2013 plus Dec 2012 and March 2012.

      Is it possible ?

      Thanks in advance,

      Guilherme Marson

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          Rashmi G

          You can have 2 sheets .

          Sheet 1 - having first 2 columns , column 1 to show selected Year data  , Column 2 to show the December - yr (selected year)

          Sheet 2 - having one column for selected month data


          Bring these 2 sheets in the dashboard , make the second sheet floating on the other as if it is one single report.

          Make the filter year applicable only to sheet 1

          Make the filter month applicable only to sheet 2

          This will fetch the data which you are expecting . Let me know if this helps.