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    Regarding SSL crt/Key file

    AJ AJ


      I am going to do a server upgrade to Tableau 10 from version 9.3.


      My question is we are using internal SSL , and can i use the same crt/key file with out regenerating and following the generating process.




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          Nathan Panuco

          Hi AJ!


          I don't believe there should be any issues - I recently upgraded my instance of Tableau Server 9.3.5 to Tableau Server 10.0 and everything was fine. I did have to re-locate my "SSL" folder that was under the "\Tableau\Tableau Server\9.3\" folder to be under "Tableau\Tableau Server\10.0" folder and update the path in the config screen but after that - it worked flawlessly. I would suggest testing in a non-production environment just to make sure there are no other external factors, though.


          Thanks and hope this helps!