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    Blending filtered data.


      Hi there. I'm trying to blend two datasources with date, parameters and values into a third which is just a date.

      If date is < today, uses one, if not, uses the other. The thing is when i try to filter the parameters to show just one, it displays one DS or another, not both.

      The only way I can make it work, is filtering both data source directly (right button on the source) but has to be another way.


      Please check the attached example. In real life, the calendar is a spreadsheet and the remaining data sources are Tableau Server.



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          Yuriy Fal

          Hi Gabriel,


          Dimension filters from Secondary

          do change (filter out) Marks on a view.


          It's better to have the required Dimensions in Primary,

          and of course they should be all "domain complete"

          (contain all unique values -- as your CALENDAR.Date).


          One can easily build such a "Scaffold" datasource in Excel

          using a distinct Sheet for every (single-column) Dimension,

          together with a special [Link ID] == 1 field for a cross-join.


          Please find the attached.

          Hope it helps.