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    Comparing 2 rows with same ID

    sid bhate

      Hi guys,


      I am new to tableau so please excuse the silly questions


      I have a scenario where i have the following columns

      1) Potential ID

      2) Potential stage (this has multiple options like closed won, price proposal etc)

      3) Potential stage modified time (This is the time stamp when the stage was change to the specific stage)


      I want to create a dashboard for


      time difference of

      Potential ID when it was in price proposal stage to when it was in closed won following is a sample data excel sheet

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          Mahfooj Khan

          If you see only one Potential Id has information about Price proposal and closed won. So the day diff would be 33 for the highlighted Potential ID.

          You can create a calc filed like this. In your data set only one ID is meeting the condition so getting only one value.

          Feel free to ask If you've any question.